| May/June 1964

Clinton F. Bloom of 509 N. Orange St., Albion, Indiana, died December 1963 after a week in the hospital. He was a person that was the life of things. If things weren't moving he did his best to get them started. He will be greatly missed by the folks at Michigan Show as they surely all had a good time.

Walter James, age 60 of Manchester, Michigan passed away at his home on January 30 of a heart attack, having been ill for a long time. Walt was a member of the National Threshers Association of Montpelier, Ohio, the Michigan Steam Engine and Threshing Club at Hastings, Michigan and the Steam Show at Hunter Town, Ind.

He was always glad to help or repair an engine for a friend and he always took time to stop and talk and was a wonderful husband. He collected steam engines, gas engines, old machine books and old oil-cans.

He wanted his obituary in the Album so that a lot of his friends at the steam shows would know why he wouldn't be at the reunions.