Farm Collector


By Irene

Reunion time is here and I hope everyone is finishing up their
chores so they can make it to the one in their neighborhood. I plan
to be roaming around at a few in our section. Hope to meet a few of
you and if you have any complaints save them for that time.

Everything at the office seems to be under control and some days
I wish I were in the great outdoors but we have to take the bitter
with the sweet.

Here is a matter someone may be able to help me with. We
received a subscription for Iron Men Album from Mr. Harry F.
Warren, Route 1, Parma, Ohio 44129. We sent the magazine which was
returned marked ‘Insufficient address’. If any one knows
him will you please inform him of this? I’m hoping he writes
and asks what happened to his money. Another thing, someone ordered
the book ‘A Ticket to the Circus’ and I couldn’t find
any but just a few days later found them. Hope they read this and
re-order. I don’t like to disappoint anyone. We were out of
stock for sometime.

I might remind the folks who take subscriptions at the shows to
send for their supplies. Spring fever may interfere with my work.
As an exception to the rule, I’m a woman of few words so
can’t write much.

  • Published on Jul 1, 1968
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