| September/October 1967

Rt. 1 Elrnwood, Wisconsin 54740

As I look and enjoy this beautiful Indian Summer day October 12th, Columbus Day, I just can't refrain from wanting to share its beauty with others who do not live where this exists.

I have never seen the trees more beautiful. The maples bright red, the oak almost a purple, the elm and others a bright yellow and some yet green that have not faded. Our hill sides are simply aflame with color and against the blue sky make a picture almost out of this world.

Not only does our woods show beauty, but our fields and gardens. We live on a bridge between the Eau Galle River and Plum Creek and as yet have had no killing frost. The fall flowers are just gorgeous, the hay fields and pastures green and the fading corn fields with long ripe ears hanging not only look beautiful but rewarding to the farmer for his years work.

Why should we not sing, 'This is My Fathers World' or 'America the Beautiful,' and thank God for His blessing.

Saturday October 10th, my good friend Lawrence Mikelson of Codott, Wisconsin, picked me up and took me to Joe Rynda's 'Steam Engine Joe' steam threshing bee, along with his father and Leo Weilner. It was a beautiful trip and a real warm day.