Ode To Man, Steam and Time

| May/June 1975

Dear Lord, can you hear those whistles blowing-?
They are sending a message to the skies-
Thanking you for our years of growing-
And for our memories of days gone by-

Dear Lord, can you see that smoke a rolling-?
It is building a pathway to the skies-
It is tumbling, tossing, curling, ever climbing-
Leading us closer to Heaven's ties-

Dear Lord, can you hear those engines barking-?
They were worth their weight in gold-
Now, within our hearts, they are gently knocking-
Awakening, and bringing back memories untold-

Dear Lord, We thank you for the instruments of long ago-
They were invented, when we were Children at Play-
Labor of our parents, we want you to know-
Who, had the courage to teach us, and had the way-

Dear Lord, we thank you for our ancestors of old-
They were responsible for our country, our U.S.A.-
Their hearts and minds were so brave and so bold-
They used them then, they were never idle, Yesterday.

Dear Lord, we thank you for our generations-
Our Knowledge has stopped many diseases, including Polio-
Made all the equipment for faster transportation-
And all the food to feed the Nations- we grow-