| November/December 1976

Boiler explosions left deep and lasting memories in the families of those who were killed or injured, in the days when threshing was so much a part of the American farm scene.

This graphic account of an explosion in 1918 was written by Mrs. Atlee Hershberger, R. 2, Box 110, Oakland, Maryland 21550. The disaster claimed the life of her step grand father, Dan T. Miller, and his son Albert.

Mrs. Hershberger wrote it down because the older generation is passing and 'there may soon be no one here to recall the things that happened long ago.' She plans to have a booklet printed.

She was helped by Mr. & Mrs. Eli D. Hershberger, Holmesburg, Ohio who wrote their recollections. Hershberger obtained information from Mrs. Jacob P. Weaver, Jacob J. Swartzenruber, Joe E. Kline and Dan P. Weaver, who has since died. Others aided, including Mrs. Emanual Slabaugh, Dalton, Ohio.

The account was published in The Diary, monthly publication of the Old Order Amish Church of America. We reprint it with permission of Joseph F. Beiler, R. D. 1, Gordonville, Pennsylvania, the editor.

It was August 27, the year was 1918. The Dan T. Miller family was up early for it was threshing day. Dan T. and his son Albert were the operators of an old steam engine threshing rig.