Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show

| May/June 1977

10022 Marniice Ave., Tujunga, CA. 91042.

Earlier this year I wrote you, saying that I was planning a vacation trip back in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and if I could arrange to attend any steam meets, I would try to get some pictures to send to you for the IMA.

I managed to make the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery show at Georgetown, Ohio and even though the weather was bad, the show almost being rained out the second day, I did get some fairly good pictures.

The show was held at the Brown County Fairgrounds near Georgetown Aug. 13, 14, 15, 1976 and was the sixth annual affair of attractions besides the steam and internal combustion engines on display. Tobacco spitting contests, horseshoe pitching contest, Blacksmithing, Log sawing, threshing, hay baling and the ever present flea market. A good time seemed to be had by all.

It turned out that Mr. Hill was also quite a story teller. In our conversation, he said that when he was a young man he had the misfortune to loose a leg, so that for the rest of his life he wore an artificial limb. He said that during the days when Steam was king, whenever there was a need for someone to go inside the boiler for repairs or cleaning, Glenn was always picked for the job, because he could remove his artificial leg and go thru the manholes and get inside the boiler a lot easier than the rest of the gang. He was very proud of his engine and delighted in showing it off to visitors. A fine example of the ever dwindling breed of dyed in the wool old time steam men.