Ohio Valley Machinery Show

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1907 Case 15-25 HP.
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1919 Case 20 HP.
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1920 Russell 20 HP.
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1913 Case 110 HP.

2821 Wilmington Road, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

I visited the Ohio Valley Antique Machinery Show in Georgetown,
Ohio, on Thursday, August 7, 1997. It was the 1997 Case Expo 11.
There were tractors, steam engines and small engines all over the
grounds. The weather was nice with very little humidity, which is
unusual for southern Ohio.

I took my 1938 John Deere Series E one and one-half horsepower
hit and miss engine to the show. I soon found out that my mag was
frozen. It would not turn so I had no spark and I could not run my
engine. I took the mag off the engine with the help of two friends,
and took the mag to William Damewood. Mr. Damewood had the mag
working by Monday night when I met him at the Old Timer’s
Meeting in Xenia, Ohio.

So, I spent the rest of the day watching Case tractors and steam
engines. I have sent some pictures of the steam engines. I enjoyed
watching the 1913 Case 110 horse power steam engine get into
position to belt up to the sawmill. The engine did not even know it
was powering a sawmill as it cut many logs into boards that

This was the first day of a four day show. I am sure that more
engines and tractors showed up on Friday and Saturday. The show
grounds are near the Ohio River and is in rolling land, at least I
think it is hilly. The steam engines were all getting ready to work
this weekend. I know that at least six steam engines were on the
grounds early Thursday. I met two gentlemen from Oklahoma who were
obviously steam engine men. They did not seem to be bothered by the
humidity. I asked them if they could tell the difference in the
weather. They did not even care about the weather, they were there
for the steam engine show.

I am sure everybody had a good time. I know I did and I did not
even get to run my hit and miss engine!

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