Oklahoma Steam Threshers & Gas Engine Association Steam School Class of 1997

| November/December 1997

9374 Roosevelt Street Crown Point, Indiana 46307

Arriving early in Pawnee, Oklahoma, I soon found myself among old friends Chady Atteberry, Tommy Lee, Larry Creed, Bob and Jim Russell, Steve Dunn, Shane Frey, Ivan Burns, Ed Larsen, Joe Graziana, in naming just a few.

The School itself was not set up or promoted as a school to teach one to run an engine from scratch, but will help those who attend to run and take greater care of their engines and the engines they run.

Chady Atteberry heads and runs the school, but it's the help and work of others that make it possible. The weekend was filled with a slide show, seminars, good food, video and a short story, or two, from Chady.

Joe Graziana and Larry Creed began the weekend discussing engine problems, more specifically the 'Troubles of Boilers and Pretty Paint;' briefly discussing a few things to watch for, including boiler wear that you cannot always see. Larry continued with some of today's 'smarts' of boiler repair, with some highlights on right and wrong ways of testing these old boilers. Ivan Burns gave instructions on proper lubrication. Larry provided some information on where to locate good cylinder oil.

Soon it was time for lunch, good food and a story from Chady. Paul Martens was the weekend instructor on plumbing, with a handout that was done a short time ago by Lyle Hoff master.