Ol' Rum

| May/June 1991

Box 381 ,Danville, Illinois 61832

I've sent along some pictures of Peerless #14170 which were taken since it was sold in April 1989. This is the same engine that is mentioned in my earlier story which was published in the IMA November/December 1990,page 9. At the time I submitted my story, I did not know where the engine was located. This engine is now located in the north part of Brazil, Indiana on Highway 59.

I would like to point out that this engine has wooden spoked rear wheels and steel spoked front wheels. Does anybody know of another Peerless similarly equipped?

As I mentioned in my first story about the Peerless, I tried to buy it several times from Mr. Ford, but he was asking about twice what I thought it was worth. So when the July/August 1984 issue of IMA arrived with an M. Rumely engine advertised for sale, we (self, brother and father) decided to inquire about it.

After a telephone conversation and a couple of quick trips to southern Illinois, I became the owner of a 1911 M. Rumely steam engine (#6215). This engine is not like most Rumelys, because it had the cast front axle, front and rear round spoke wheels, wet bottom firebox and lap seam boiler. The boiler has a 'sloping side' firebox, which means that the firebox was narrower at the bottom and widened out at the top.

This engine was advertised to be a 16 horsepower, but we later confirmed that it was a 20 horsepower from specifications in a Rumely catalog. Since then, we have seen several pictures of Rumely engines whose owners claimed them to be 16 horsepower, but I think that they are really 20 horsepower.