Old Abe' Leaves N. Main


| September/October 1962

  • Eagle and ball
    R. B. HARRIS STANDS BESIDE OLD ABE . . . eagle and ball are IS feet high
    Alvin Erickson

  • Eagle and ball

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Old Abe is leaving his perch.

No more will he keep watch over N. Main Avenue in Sioux Falls, where he has surveyed the changing area for nearly 2 decades.

Old Abe is being transferred.

The giant eagle - he dwarfs a man - will be removed from atop the J. I. Case Co. building at 700 N. Main Ave. The building has been purchased by Crescent Electric, and Old Abe will be shipped to the Case headquarters at Racine, Wis.

There are only two, or possibly three, other eagles that are the same size as Abe, a trademark for the Case Co. since 1865. The others are in Omaha and Racine, says R. B. Harris, branch superintendent, who is in charge of closing the office as the company centralizes its operations.