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Old Buggies For Use Here

By Staff

Courtesy of George B. Walton, 2827 N. E. Hoyt St, Portland 12,
Oregon This picture and article appeared in the Portland

Three Victoria buggies, said to be 50 to 75 years old, were
unloaded from the West Coast Steamship Company’s freighter
Columbia Trader which brought them from Bombay, India, Friday. They
were the property of Robert Doehm, chief steward on the vessel, who
bought them in Bombay and hopes to dispose of two of them in
Oregon. The third, he said, will go to his farm near Clifton, on
the Lower Columbia, ‘for the kids to use.’

The buggies are the original ‘one-horse shay’ type of
another time, each designed to be drawn by a single horse, with the
driver seated high in front and three passengers in the cubby cab
aft, two of them facing forward.

Vehicles Stored

The vehicles were picked off the ship at the Swan Island dry
docks and Doehm plans to leave them in storage temporarily with a
friend, Carroll Raaum, whom he said has a carriage house at his
home near Columbia Park.

‘I’ve got about $700 invested in these buggies, counting
my original cost, freight charges and duties,’ Doehm commented.
‘That is what I hope to get out of them.’

The Columbia Trader is scheduled to load another cargo of wheat
at Vancouver Elevator and sail this week for Calcutta. Another West
Coast ship, the Oregon Victory, will load at Kalama, also for
Calcutta. A third vessel, the Pacific Trader, sailed last week from
Lake Charles, La., for India with a cargo of rice. The Portland
Victory now is in India discharging grain.

  • Published on Sep 1, 1967
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