| July/August 1998

Copper cut of a James Leffel & Company skid engine built in Springfield, Ohio (Leffel is well known for steam turbines).

Copper cut of a Springfield traction engine built by Oliver S. Kelly's Springfield Engine and Thresher Company (see the January/ February 1996 issue of IMA for a photo of a Springfield engine).

At left, a woodcut of an Iowa thresher built by the O. S. Kelly Company of Springfield, Ohio. (For more cuts of O. S. Kelly machinery, see the July/August 1995 IMA.)

At right, a copper cut of the driver wheel from an O. S. Kelly triple-cylinder 120 HP road locomotive. (See the January/February 1997 IMA for a history of the Kelly firm.)

Dr. Robert Rhode, 4745 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45238 has shared another group of cuts from his collection of old engravings of steam engines and parts, which appear on this page and the next. Otto Printing of Newport, Kentucky, made the prints.