Old Massillon Steamer Is Good 'Hand'


| March/April 1961

Repository Bureau Writer

(Kenneth Ross, Waynesburg, Ohio, sends us this clipping from The Canton Repository of Nov. 18, 1960. Thanks, Kenneth.)

MASSILLON Although Griscom-Russell Co. here now makes products for use in atomic energy powered installations, it was one of the old Russell Co.'s steam engines that stole the show Thursday, huffing, puffing and belching great clouds of black smoke.

Now a part of Griscom-Russell Co., the old Russell Co. of Massillon manufactured farm machinery.

On the farm of A. H. Fasnacht of 1140 Jackson Ave. NW, just north-east of here, the last steam engine to leave the Russell plant was being used to thresh wheat.

As Mr. Fasnacht and his son, Alvin, of 1126 Jackson Ave. NW, shoveled coal into the engine's firebox, workers inside a barn fed wheat into a huge, old-fashioned threshing machine which was driven by a long belt coupled to the engine.