Old Postcards Sent To My Grandmother

| January/February 1998

1143 Delaney Ferry Road Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356

CASE Read Machinery own by summer County, Tenn. Since this photograph was taken, another complete outfit of CASE Road Machinery has been bought by summer County.

I've been interested in old iron for quite a few years, but in 1990 I decided to get involved!

I purchased a 2 HP Stover, and ever since I've been looking and picking up a few more items to add to my collection. For now, I only have gas engines but someday I hope to expand to steam traction engines.

While looking through some old postcards at my grandmother's, I came upon these two. They were sent to my great-grandmother. The dates on them are not clear. After talking to my grandmother I found out that her father was part-owner and operator of a steam engine and thrasher.

I wish I could locate that engine but I cannot locate any records at all, and no family members know what happened to it.