Old Steam Engine Just Rolling Along

| May/June 1958

  • 16 hp Gaar Scott furnishing
    Homer F. Holp at his home last fall (1957) boiling apple butter. It is his 16 hp. Gaar Scott furnishing: the heat. This is, indeed, quite a stunt. I wish someone would write a description as to how it is done Elmer
  • 6hp. Nichols and Shepard
    6hp. Nichols and Shepard bought in Mansfield, Ohio in 1893 by Thomas Broomhall, who is on the platform. H. C. Broomhall was hauling water. The picture is about 60 years old. (Who is that good looking lady H. C ?Elmer)

  • 16 hp Gaar Scott furnishing
  • 6hp. Nichols and Shepard

We take the following story from The Tampa Sunday Tribune of October 6th, 1957, without permission. We also have a note from Mr. Smith which we include Elmer.

'Just received a copy of your valuable magazine through the courtesy of the Frick Company and wish to say I like it very much. In fact so well do I like it that here is my first years subscription.

'The old Erie engine pictured and the Casey-Hedges H.R.T. boiler are the sole source of power for Parker Lumber Company's saw mill at Maitland, Florida. The engine is some eighty years old according to the company but it is still in good condition. The Mill is a No. 2 Frick with five head-block carriage and small twin engine feed.

'The Casey-Hedges does not show any age whatever and is a free steamer on green pine saw-dust.'

E. A. (FROG) SMITH 260 Poe Street, Fort Myers, Florida


'Frog' smith is persistently piling up evidence in his argument that steam power is superior to the Diesel interior combustion motor. This week he presents a clincher, telling of a steam engine said to be 80 years old which is still operating efficiently (Tribune Editor)