| November/December 1953

The Dayton (Ohio) Daily News, Daily News Correspondent, Union City, Indiana

Here is an interesting account of the Miami Valley Steam Threshermen's Association, as it appeared in the Dayton, Ohio, Daily News, and written by our good friend, Joe Fahnestock

A bout 5000 people of all walks of life swarmed in on the Elmer Ebert farm northwest of Anna, O., Sunday, (July 26) to partake of the good old American custom of by-gone days steam threshing.

As sooty hands reached up to open throttles and pull whistle cords, and pitch forks swung into motion, pitching grain, hundreds of cameras of all kinds, from pin-holes to Leicas, clicked away, and the glorious steam engine first successful attempt by man to channelize horizontal power into circular motion, by reciprocation, and mighty herald of the great Industrial Age once again held sway and called forth the tune of the day.

Some were content merely to stand with heads back and nostrils elevated to catch, more easily, the pleasant aroma of hot cylinder oil and coal smoke the most tantalizing of perfumes to a steam fan.

Others, more devoted, had to have their feet planted, firmly, on the engine platform. But the most fervently zealous of the lot, I felt, were some of the guys who believe it or not stuck so close around the engines that they wouldn't even get away long enough to eat an unforgivable sin in any thresherman's bible (ask grandpa).