| January/February 1987

10022 Marnice Avenue Tujunga, CA 91042

Like the feller said, 'The older you get, the faster time flies.' That must be true, because it didn't seem like only a couple or three months ago that we had gone to Mount Pleasant, Iowa for the 1985 Old Threshers reunion and here it was, almost time for the August, 1986 37th running of the reunion again. So I said to my wife, 'Retta, what do you think about going to the reunion again this year?' 'What reunion?' she asked. 'Why, the Old Threshers, of course,' I replied. 'My land,' she said, 'is it time for that again? Where does all the time go?' So I guess time does fly after all.

Anyway, the next thing you know we have the old Caddy packed and gassed up, ready to go. We left a couple of days early this year as we wanted to get to Iowa in time to spend a couple of days with our old friends, Raymond and Ethel Troyer up Kolona way. The Troyers, along with their four sons, operate a rather large spread up there, managing to survive the setbacks that have occurred to all the farmers in the nation, growing corn and hay and feeding lambs, hogs and turkeys and even dabbling in the liquid fertilizer business. Makes it interesting around there, you never know whether you are going to get run over with a corn combine or flogged by an old Tom turkey.

So after spending a couple of days on the farm and getting the smell of good clean country air in our nostrils, along with some mighty fine cooking by Ethel, we decided to try for Mt. Pleasant, a few miles down the road.

We arrived at Mt. Pleasant on Wednesday, the day before the show opened, as we wanted to attend the Blue Grass Music show that night. This show is done in front of the grandstand as are all the music shows and is entirely Blue Grass type music along with many of the old folk songs from away back. So, as I say, we arrived early and inasmuch as our good friend Edna Wright had set us up with a place to stay, we figured she should be our first stop. So down Walnut Street we went and stopped at Edna's house and found her deep in her reservation books and records. Of course, with true Iowa hospitality, Edna jumped up from her work and after a few hugs and 'Glad to see you's,' brought out the coffee and chocolate chip cookies. So for the next half hour it seemed rather nice to sit there in Edna's kitchen, eating cookies and listening to her and Retta discussing everything from the weather to growing African violets in the backyard.

After we left Edna's and went down the street to our home for the next couple of days, we moseyed on down to the Old Threshers grounds and started looking around for some of our old friends. They began popping up all over, along with some new faces, many of whom, I am sure, will become good friends also.