| July/August 1978

  • Model ZZ Peerless
    Model ZZ Peerless, operated by Donald Ferree at 1977 Old Timers Reunion

  • Model ZZ Peerless

Ferree, Jr., P.O. Box 70, Climax, North Carolina 27233.

The Fifth Annual Old Timer's Reunion Show was held July 9 and 10 1977 by the Old Time Historical Association at their showground's in Climax, North Carolina.

Saturday, July 9, was a beautiful day, but extremely hot and people came from far and wide to see the show. They came from South Dakota, Ohio, Kansas, New York, Florida and all states in between.

Jack Johnson got the show off to a good start with the sawmilling. Leslie Moon and his wife, Mirian, fired the boiler of our Frick 9 x 10 Portable, and it did a fine job pulling the sawmill. Most of the old folks just can't believe it when they see Mirian running a steam engine.

Then came the wheat threshing. Mr. J. S. Ferree, Sr., handled this part of the show with the help of Fred Cox, George Groce, Charles Allen, and others. Mr. Ferree used a Frick 6% x 9 double cylinder traction engine and a big all steel Frick threshing machine this year.

Donald Ferree, with the assistance of Wayne Reynolds, operated the big 120 HP Peerless Traction engine which was acquired from Mr. Ralph Lewin of Winchester, Va. It is a mighty fine machine.