Ole Man Winter

| November/December 1992

Rt 2, Box 6 Slaton, Texas 79364-9501

There is a gentleman by the name of Ben Winter from Altamont, Illinois. So that seemed like a good title for a story to make a dream come true.

Ben was somewhat interested in buying a Kitten steam engine. I just happened to know where one was that needed a few parts. This engine is the one that Eiffel Plasterer of Huntington, Indiana saved from the scrap iron because as Eiffel told me, 'I couldn't stand to see it scrapped.'

Bill Renfo on left, Ben Winter on right with glasses. In the background is Kitten engine #218 owned by Lubbock County Museum. Engine was previously owned by W. H. Knapp from Ohio.

I told Ben that a few parts were missing and that if he wanted to buy that engine I would make the parts for him. We were able to make the parts because, as told in the story of 'The Kitten: From Wood To Cast Iron' in IMA May/June '92 issue, we now have the original patterns to make a Kitten steam engine.

The few parts were equivalent to 75 pieces.