| November/December 1979

35 12th Street, N.W., Rochester, Minnesota 55901

Curt Leighty and Jim Roper on the Garr Scott at the Olmsted County Historical Society Mechanical History and Threshing Show.

Recently, the Olmsted County Historical Society held its 5th annual Mechanical History and Threshing Show (August 11 and 12, 1979) at Rochester, Minnesota.

It was a very good show with a lot of small gas engines and things that go with small gas engines. There were quite a few old farm tractors and machinery, most of which were brought in by other people. However, the Historical Society owns most of the machinery.

There were five different threshing machines, three of which were being used. Two of the threshers were run by steam engines and one by gas tractors. There was also a saw mill set up and running.

The highlight of the two-day show for me was the steam engines. The smaller of the two steamers was a 20 HP Russell owned by a local man. The big engine was a 25 HP Canadian built Garr Scott. This engine is now owned by Mr. Curtis Leighty of River Falls, Wisconsin. Mr. Leighty bought the Garr Scott about 18 months ago from the man I believe bought it new and used it in Canada until Mr. Leighty brought it to Wisconsin. This Garr Scott is a very fine engine. It is a twin cylinder and in fine condition.