On The Road: 1995

| July/August 1996

4411 Mechanic Road Hillsdale, Michigan 49242

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I hope this does not bore or sound cocky to anyone. Once I decided to write, I did not know what to write until one evening, I asked my wife Renee if she would care that I take in a few more engine shows next summer. Boy! Did I ever get my question answered. She promptly told me I probably couldn't remember all I went to last summer, how could I do more?

Well, here it is, my best recollection from the hot summer of 1995 and a few pictures from our trips.

It all started about the first of April, when we were happy to acquire a 1912, 25 HP, double cylinder Rumely plow engine. Having spent all of my years on an Oil Pull, the old Rumely has been a lot of fun, especially for my nine year old son, Justin, who has really taken to steam engines! He has even started wearing one of those !, Approximately, %*, Delta, Epsilon, < polka="" dot="">

Well, we hauled the Rumely on a cold wet spring day but safely made it to the Lost Nation's steam grounds. After a good greasing and oiling, we steamed up and started getting a good education from John Schrock and Grahm Sellers.