One-Man County Saw Mill Produces 60-70,000 Bd. Ft. Of Lumber Products

| November/December 1969

Sentinel Staff Writer

Sixty or more years of contact with the outdoors has caused 70-year-old David P. Shearer of South Middleton Township to become a seasoned woodsman and sawmill operator.

For 32 Years

Shearer who has operated his one- man mill for the past 32 years along the Ridge Road section of York Road, was born and raised in Perry County's woodlands. Outdoor living has come natural to him.

Although the years have slowed the expert lumberman down just a little, he still handles a volume of business which would keep a man much younger than he hustling. Shearer figures he cuts from 60 to 70,000 board feet of lumber annually on his diesel driven mill.

The well - known county resident has thrived in his outdoor venture and has stuck with it, as he put it 'because I like wood.'

Shearer, mused, 'I have no boss' breathing down my neck and when I want to quit, I close down and go home and watch TV.'