| May/June 1966

  • 12 hp traction engine
    My father's D. June 12 hp traction engine. This picture was taken in the fall of 1910 when I was 9 years old. The man standing next to the tank wagon is my father.

  • 12 hp traction engine

1221 E. 20th St., Erie, Pa. 16503

How well I remember back in those days. My father and grandfather owned a 300 acre dairy farm four miles south west of Albion, Pa. My father delivered milk in Albion. It was a railroad center for the Bessemer and Lake Erie railroad. I can recall so easily the two black horses that he drove on the muddy road to deliver milk.

The Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad had a branch line that ran from Albion to Conneaut Harbor, Ohio. This branch line ran right through the farm. I remember coming home from school, my older brother and I. (by the way the school was a one-room and it was from first to eighth grade). My brother and I had a yoke of calves and in the fall of the year at threshing time and silo filling, we came home and yoked our calves up and hooked them to a small sled or skipper, put 4 or 5 bushel crates on it and go along down the railroad and pick-up coal to fire that D. June engine. The railroad was very rough and a lot of coal fell off those 30 ton hopper cars.

Those were the good old days for sure. I am now a retired railroad machinist. I have a nice little shop in my basement and am in the process of building' a steam traction engine and I really like your Album.