One of These Days, He'll Have a Real Blast

| March/April 1968

  • Mansfield
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  • Whistle collection

  • Mansfield
  • Whistle collection

East Texas Bureau of The News

Dallas Morning News May 8, 1965

LONGVIEW, TexasIf all the noise which John W. Hedge, Longview has bottled up in a backyard storeroom should blast out at one time, it's likely people clear to Dallas would hear it and think the Trinity River had been canalized overnight.

Hedge never lets the noise escape his storeroom, except perhaps an occasional ping of a writing pen rapping brass and bronze.

But in the silence of that room, he members sounds he has heard in other places, and he knows that here he has the capability to produce some of the most haunting and nostalgic music that has ever set his eardrums to vibrating.

Hedge is a retired Church of Christ minister who now travels over the country for a church furniture company. In his spare moments he searches for and collects old steam whistles.

Now he has 165 or more whistles of all kinds, from tugboats and merchant marine ships, from sawmills, cotton gins oil refineries, sugar refineries from all over America and Mexico. He believes it may be the largest collection of its kind ever assembled.