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ROUGH RIDER It huffed and it puffed, but it made the parade route, even at a slow rate of speed. The steam engine owned by Roy Levine and Chuck Raymond attracted attention by sight, and if not that way, by sound as the whistles were blown, along the Cente

De Kalb, Illinois

Enclosed you will find a couple of engravings. Both show our
Banting Greyhound which we obtained two years ago in a pretty rusty
condition. After hours of cleaning, painting and adjusting we have
it in pretty fair condition …boiler is excellent though the
traction gears show signs of considerable wear.

During De Kalb, Illinois Centennial June 9-16 the engine was
used in an agriculture demonstration and it was belted to a 32 inch
separator, and the last day of the celebration it appeared in the
three hour long parade.


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