| November/December 1954

Burgin, Kentucky.

I received the sample copy and am very much pleased with it. I only wish it was a weekly paper.

I am mailing you with my letter, a picture of my threshing rig. I have run this quite a while and still thresh with it every year. I have quite a good run through this part of the state. I operate two machines and every year thresh about 25 or 30 thousand bushels of grain. You know that is not much for now. I used to thresh more than that with one rig 25 years ago. Several counties here near Lexington, still thresh the old way on account of the straw. Straw is very high here and sells for $25.00 baled right from the thresher. It is then delivered to Lexington, Kentucky, to those fine horse farms. They won't buy combine straw as they say they get too much green stuff from the ground. That is one reason I still get to run my steam threshing rig as I did 25 years ago. My rig consists of 65 hp. Case engine and 32x54 Case separator. It will thresh 2,000 bushels a day every day and we did it last year.

If you can, put this picture in the ALBUM and tell the boys what I have to say about threshing with steam rigs. You can't beat them. I have a friend 85 years old who had threshed all his life up to a few years ago. He lives about 45 miles from me. He had his son drive him over here two days last summer just to watch me thresh. He also went to see a couple tractor rigs run and then told me I was threshing faster than all them put together. I just laughed at him as I didn't believe it.

Wishing you much success with the ALBUM. Your truly