Our Beautiful Avery

| November/December 1975

  • Avery pull a D6 Caterpillar
    Interested onlookers watching the 30 Avery pull a D6 Caterpillar in a tug-of-war. Tom Spires in the cab. Courtesy of Gene A. Drummond, Route 1, Orient, Ohio 43146
    Gene A. Drummond

  • Avery pull a D6 Caterpillar

Rt. 1, Orient, Ohio 43146

A very steam engines have always held an interest with my brothers and me. We have always wanted to own an Avery under-mounted but as they are seldom offered for sale, our chances of ever owning one were slim. This is why my brothers and I jumped at the chance to buy an Avery that is in good running condition. My brother Roger made a trip out to Sargent, Nebraska to look at the 30 HP Avery offered for sale by Mr. Warren Bomberger. A sale was made at this time and the big Avery was ours, to move to Ohio. To move an engine of this size is a problem that was solved in part by Tom Spires a fellow steam man who is a trucker from Lancaster, Ohio. He loaned us the use of a beam trailer to use with our semi-tractor. All that we had to do to haul the Avery on a trailer of this kind was to winch the engine up on blocks so that it would be high enough to slide the trailer under the engine. The frame of the engine was then set on timbers resting on the frame of the trailer. All that we had to  take off the engine were the extension rims and the headlight.

Our trip home was quite an experience as people would soon be looking the engine over when we would stop for fuel or at meal time. Some would ask what the thing was and what it was used for while others would ask if we were going to a certain steam show. Six people made the trip of 2300 miles and were gone from home a week. They are Mr. & Mrs. Larry Sheets, Mr. Frank Holcomb and Gene, Roger and Kenneth Drummond.