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Submitted by Larry G. Creed, RR #13, Box 209, Brazil, Indiana

20 HP Harrison Jumbo serial #2294 (sold new in the 1920s) is
owned by Guy Bunyea of Plymouth, Michigan. The engine was owned for
many years by Guy’s father Wilford and participated in the
economy tests which were staged at the National Thresher-man’s
Show at Wauseon, Ohio, in the 1960s. See poem by Patricia

I came into the Bunyea family in 1955,
My life from that point on was a great surprise.
For instead of being a working engine for which I was
My time on earth remaining would be utterly sublime.
I am a toy of sorts, or a hobby if you must,
I am pampered with paint and oil so my parts will not rust.
I have traveled many miles to shows and grand buffets.
To put my steam to use as a cooker on many days.
I do a little threshing and spin the Baker fan,
I stand tall with pride when I pass the viewing stand.
I was fed by the family, every generation took its turn.
To stand upon my platform and watch the fire burn.
My steam pressure building, my whistle rang with pride.
As I count the many people to whom I have given rides.
John brought me home to Plymouth, as I said in fifty-five.
But Wilford was my mentor, with Margaret and Guy by his
As I drove along the road I gathered the family as it grew
Now Pat, Lynda, Barbara, Guy Jr., Rob, Chris, and even Debby
Enjoy the fun that an old steam engine can bring to you.
And you can bet someday when Gabriel blows his horn.
The sound of this old Jumbo will answer from out behind the

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