Our Junior Steamers

| July/August 1963


I have been wanting to write to your teen page for quite some time. I think it is a good idea to get teenagers interested in the machines of the past. I have helped my Dad restore some of his steam engines. He has four now and wants to add some more. I get a lot of enjoyment out of running them and restoring them. Right now I'm a student at the State School of Science at Wahpeton, North Dakota, but I can't wait until spring so I can steam up the old engines again.

In restoring old gas engines, I learned a good trick to remove pistons that are 'rusted in. 'We fill the water jacket with boiling water to increase the size of the bore. We then spray liquid L. P. gas inside the piston to chill it so it will contract some. With this method of expansion and contraction the piston is easily removed.

I enjoy your magazine a lot but wish it came more often.

Eldon Held, Box 754, Wahpeton, North Dakota


I am nine years old. I have a little tractor that my Grandpa, George Melby, made for me. I have had it in parades in both Ashby and Dalton. I won second prize in the show at Dalton. I also have it at the Lake Region Threshermans Reunion at Dalton, Minnesota. I am sending you a picture of it to put in the Iron-Men Album. I like to go to the reunions. My Grandpa has three steam engines, a Gaar Scott-25 Hp, Advance Rumely 25HP, Advance -12 HP. They are in the big shed at Dalton. I keep my little tractor at home.

On the picture, the tallest girl is my cousin, Carolyn Brat old. Her father has a couple steam engines. The smaller girl is my sister Judy. We had a lot of fun driving around last year with my tractor. Grandpa made me the trailer for it and we hauled a lot of things. We also made me a drag and we used it on his garden.