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| May/June 1961

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    Cousin Marsha

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I am pleased to hear that you are now offering Jumbo Post Cards of Steam Engines - and in color! Being a full-pledged admirer of the grand ole steam engine, I couldn't miss out on this deal. I do believe they will sell. The real era of steam power has passed but the reunions will keep their memory alive for years to come.

I've just passed into a new 'era' myself, as I am now 20 years old. Those teen-age years sure went fast!

M. L. MATTHEWS, 126 N. Main Street, Hampstead, Maryland


I read and thoroughly digest all of the interesting items in your magazine. My only regret is that it does not come more often. I realize how much work it must take to publish each issue. I love to look at the pictures, and see all the articles. I didn't know there were so many different makes of engines!

I first heard of your magazine when I went to the Richland County Steam Threshers Reunion in August. There I met Mr. Melvin M. Ludy, R. D. 2, Dover, Ohio. He owns a N & S steamer and was very kind to me and my friends. He answered all my many questions and got me my first magazine subscription.

I am 17 years old and will graduate from Lucas High School this spring. I joined the Navy Reserve and will be going for two years active duty and also to school to learn a technical trade (some sort of mechanical engineering). I was surprised to learn that many Navy ships are run on steam power although they are turbines, instead of the reciprocating type.