| July/August 1960

  • Oil Pull

  • Oil Pull

6767 Riverview Drive, Route 2 Kalamazoo, Michigan

John Spaman, a steam lover since goodness knows when, has always wanted to build his nephew, Greg Peet, a little tractor. In February 1958 things began to shape up. Eldon White found a 1926 International Harvester 1? hp gasoline engine with throttling governor.

Then we started looking for a rocker arm which was broken off. We finally found one in a junk yard. We picked up other parts here and there when we found them.

Early October we hauled the parts we had to a little welding shop about 10 miles from our home. We worked on it week ends and spare nights. October 25 we hauled the nearly finished 'oil pull' home.

We had a metal tank made to improve appearance and we have the exhaust piped to it.

The first time we ran it assembled, was a jerky operation because the gasket to the carburetor was missing. It runs fine now.