| March/April 1959

Mr. Virgil Jansen, Sigel, Illinois, wants to now who the author of 'The Threshers' and who the publisher of the book is. Will someone give him this information?

Mr. L. Caldwell, 511 33rd St., Connersville, Indiana, says, 'In report of our Happy Attaining National Attention in the Jan-Feb. issue 1959 you missed our Pioneer Engineers Club Reunion of 1957. It was featured by Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Club News, Thanksgiving Day 1957 and on two other later programs.'

Mr. John A. Hinkle, R. D. 2, East Berlin, Pennsylvania, says the picture at the top of page 28 in the Jan.-Feb. 1959 ALBUM is a Greencastle engine. Made in Greencastle, Pa. The cover picture is a Peerless rig made by Minard Harder, Cobleskill, N. Y.

Mr. H. L. Densmore, of Perry, Ohio writes us as follows: 'In the Jan.-Feb. 1959 issue you had a picture of the Peck and Tyler engine. You got it from a catalog I gave you two years ago at the Kinzer Reunion. My wife was a cousin of Tyler's daughter and when she came to visit us she brought this catalog along.

'I was very much impressed with the makeup of this engine. It was so simple and light for being a 10 or 12hp.

'The company started business about 1884. That was about the time the A. W. Stevens Company started. Anyway my father bought the 25hp. engine that A. W. Stevens made in 1885.