| May/June 1979

  • Rumely Oil Pulls

  • Rumely Oil Pulls

Prairie City, Iowa 50228

Price and Leo Brubaker of Prairie City, Iowa and Doyle Brubaker of Newton, Iowa began operating Rumely Oil Pulls at the age of 12 or 13. Our father, Earl, was a dealer for Advance Rumely Company, and when he traded for an Oil Pull it was our job to clean and paint it for resale. Earl had a contract with Jasper County, Iowa to drag 13 miles of dirt roads. This job was turned over to us three boys to do after school and on Saturdays. Our high school vacations were spent operating Oil Pulls, threshing and grading township roads in Jasper County.

In 1936, we entered into the farm equipment business with our father, who had an Allis Chalmers and New Idea contract at this time. This business was known as E. M. Brubaker and Sons, selling and servicing farm equipment from 1936 until 1971. While in this business, shortly after World War II, we came up with the idea of each one trying to obtain a different model heavy weight Rumely Oil Pull tractor, hoping some day to have the full line. At the 1978 Old Threshers Show, we displayed six of these tractors:

A 1917 Model E, 30-60, two cylinder, 10' bore and 12' stroke. This tractor weighs 26,000 pounds and was built to pull an 8 to 12 bottom plow. This tractor was purchased by Price Brubaker in Minnesota, where it had been used on a saw mill and threshing machine.

A 1915 Model F, 15-30, one cylinder, 10' bore and 12' stroke, weighing 10 tons, pulls a 4 to 6 bottom plow. This tractor was purchased by Earl Brubaker in 1921 at a sheriff foreclosure sale in Chapel, Nebraska. He drove it 50 miles to Haxton, Colorado where he used it to pull a threshing machine. He shipped it to Des Moines, Iowa in 1923, rebuilt the tractor and graded roads in Poweshiek Township in Jasper County for several years.

A 1921 Model G, 20-40, two cylinder, 8' bore and 10' stroke, weighs 6 tons and pulls 4 bottoms. This tractor was bought at Emporia, Kansas and had been used for farming. Present owner is Doyle Brubaker.