Our Straw Pile and How It Grew

| May/June 1996

1219 St. Catherine St. North Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada T1H 4E9

Here are a few pictures of what we did on my farm at Grande Prairie, Alberta, on September 23, 1995, a very nice day.

The top picture shows the separator, a 28' Red River Special. The man on top of the separator is Mr. Ed Carlson from Dawson Creek, British Columbia. I don't know the man feeding the horses. Notice the beam scales on back of the thresher. You had to have these if you were doing custom work.

The center photo is engine #13231. It shows a 20 HP but it is really a 22 HP as discovered by our boiler inspector. The man at the throttle is David McLean, his father Gordon is behind him and yours truly on steps.

In the bottom picture we have finished the job and some of the children have started to work on the straw pile.