| March/April 1968

Route 1, Mead, Washington 99021

When we left last May first, we didn't know what to expect in weather. Boy, did we get it.

Our first stop was at St. Regis, Montana, to see our steam friend, Charles Bennett. We were hoping to see his new boat but he had taken it to the lake.

In Missoula I found one of the best and some of the oldest engines I ever saw. They belong to Bud King. He wasn't there so I took a couple of nice pictures. He has an old Garr Scott no. 3529, a N&S no. 2940, an old Case portable no. 396, a Rumely, a 20 hp Case, a Tandem Advance, a 30 cat and an old Hart Parr.

I also got to meet Mr. Charles Parr but didn't get to see his collection. Did you know he is related (son I think) to the Parr who started the Hart Parr works?

We left Missoula with 3' of hard packed snow and ice on our car and it stayed there for 3 days. We left no. 10 and headed south at Silver Star, Montana. I took a picture of Lloyd Harkin's collection. He wasn't home and a large sign read, 'These engines not for sale. Keep Out', so we went on.