Out-of-Date in Modern Machine Age, Steam Farm Engine Still Has 'Glamor' for Visitors at Roger Zabel Farm

| November/December 1962

Western, Nebraska

Combine the ingenuity of a 'gadgeteer' with the universal affection of an American male boy or man for the now nearly-vanished sight and sound of a puffing steam engine . . . and you have an individual whose hobby delights not only himself, but his friends and neighbors as 5 they witness it in action.

So it's no wonder that  the farm home of Roger Zabel is well back from the county highway between Western and Swanton, many people have found their way along the lane to see his steam engines perform.

The way to the Zabel farm is marked at the end of the lane in a unique fashion a ' Case. steam engine.

As Zabel finds time between farming operations of 320 acres, and has his son, Floyd, 1961 graduate of Western high school, to assist him, he 'fires up' another steam engine at the farm, and makes use of a sawmill to turn native logs into useable lumber.

The engine is a Minneapolis, which Zabel has put in top operating condition. The staccato note of its exhaust tokens sharp adjustment of the values, and the power it develops, on the go or off the pulley, further proves the ability of the veteran engine.