World's Largest Collection of Traction Steam Engines

| May/June 1973

May 19, 1973

Six Miles North of Dowagiac, Michigan on M-51 Between South Bend, Indiana and Kalamazoo, Michigan.

AVERY: 40 HP Under Mounted, Double Cylinder, with full extension wheels. This machine was formerly owned by J. Hington. RUMELY: 40 HP Double Cylinder, with full extension wheels, formerly owned by J. Hington. REEVES: 25 HP Canadian Double Cylinder, center mount, 18 foot driver wheels, very rare machine. HARRISON JUMBO: 20 HP 1931 Single Cylinder side rev. mount, serial number 2341. This machine has been used very little and is like new, one of best built in the United States. BAKER: 19 HP Single Cylinder, side mount. All new flues in 1970, serial number 17782. KECK-GONNERMAN: 19 HP Single Cylinder, side mount forward. ADVANCE RUMELY: 26 HP Single Cylinder, compound forward mount.

PORT HURON: 32 HP Single Cylinder compound, side mount, forward. M. RUMELY: 20 HP Single Cylinder, rear mount. NICHOLS SHEPARD: 25 HP 1912 Double Cylinder, plow engine. FRICK: 16 HP 1915, Single Cylinder, rear center mount. PEERLESS - GEISER: 14 HP 1911, Single Cylinder, rear side mount, serial number 14774. NICHOLS-SHEPARD: 20 HP Single Cylinder, side-rear reverse mount. HUBER: 16 HP 1914, Single Cylinder, side-reverse mount. BUFFALO PITTS: 20 HP Single Cylinder, rear-reverse mount. GARR SCOTT: 20 HP Single Cylinder, rear-reverse mount, serial number 12242. PEERLESS - EMERSON - BRANTINGHAM: 17 HP, Single Cylinder, rear-side mount, serial number 18154. NICHOLS - SHEPARD: 16 HP Double Cylinder Center, reverse mount. MINNEAPOLIS: 18 HP Single Cylinder, front-side mount. WOODS BROS: 20 HP engine, boiler, and frame only. Single Cylinder, rear-side mount.

NOTE: This is one of the Finest Collections you will ever see.


RESTORED: Allis Chalmers Model 20-35; Plowman 15-30; Moline 4 Cylinder with Mower; 2 Massey Harris 4-W.D.; Caterpillar 60; Hart-Parr 12-24; Oil Pull s-30-60; Oil Pull x-25-40; Oil Pull m-20-35; Oil Pull k-12-20.