| November/December 1982

The Owl's Head article is the first of what we hope will be a series of stories on auctions in the fields covered by Iron-Men Album. We welcome auction news so long as authentication comes with it. In some cases, we may rewrite it or condense it.

Collectors paid close to $90,000 in winning bids at an auction at Owls Head, Maine, walking off with prize examples of gas, steam and hot air engines, models, toys and other pieces of mechanical Americana.

The auction also netted about $15,000 for the Owls Head Transportation Museum, which sponsored the sale. All items were on consignment; none was from the museum's own collection. The pieces were all displayed, and watched over, by museum staff members and associates.

This sale put its emphasis on pieces which could readily be carried off by buyers in their vans, station wagons or pickup trucks.

The sale indicated that collecting covers a broad range, and that a man who owns a full-size Case or Keck-Gonnerman may also well be interested in a model or a toy engine, or a brass whistle or an engineering drawing for a Corliss.

Charles Chiarchiaro, director of the museum who is also a registered auctioneer, presided at the July 25 auction, held under a striped tent outside the museum's main building.