| November/December 1978

R. R. 2, Republic, Missouri 65738.

The show was a 'huffin' and 'poppin' success, made even more interesting by the influx of visiting E.D.G.E & T.A. exhibitors.

Branch #16 of E.D.G.E. & T.A. hosted the 1977 National meeting held at the Ozark showgrounds. The show was enhanced by many out-of-state exhibits, while swaps and sales of old iron really created excitement.

As 'out-of-state folks,' we voice heart-felt thanks to our Ozark friends. Showers came, but the character of soil on the grounds was such that a quick dry-up ensued.

Gene Owen of Springfield, Missouri had to miss the show, but in true Ozark tradition, President Charley Stark put together a cassette tape of exhibitor interviews and show sounds for Gene. (Gene is one of the early organizers of the Ozark Reunion group.)

West Coast visitors included: Louis Chapo, Jack Versteeg and Harvey Hilands, (all officers of National E.D.G.E. & T.A.); 'Ole Greasy Hardy,' Messrs. John Sevart and Warren Phillips also migrated from the far west to attend. Warren, from Visalia, California was on the spot when Frankie Stark's 20-40 oil pull came un-crunk and he helped start it.