| March/April 1977

Rural Route 1, Avoca, Iowa 51521.

I was honored to see my Case 50 serial #33991, along with Mr. Quentine Shultz, of Griswold, Iowa Case 50 serial #33992 (background in above photo), picture published in the special Bicentennial '1976 Yearbook of Agriculture' titled 'THE FACE OF RURAL AMERICA,' published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Mr. Fred Witte, of Washington, D.C. photographed this scene at the Annual Eshelman South West Iowa Antique Machinery & Threshing Show, at Elliott, Iowa.

For the camera buff, this photo was taken with a 35mm Nikon F2 camera, with 15mm F5.6 Nikkor lens. In this photo, the gentleman on the left is Fred's father, John Witte of Anita, Iowa.

From left to right Mary Lonergan, stockholder; Firmin Rottinghaus, stockholder; Don Gibbons, board of directors; Andrew Fischels, president of Antique Acres, Inc.; Charles Denney, former owner of the Corliss Engine; Marvin Verends, stockholder; Randy Pries, son of the secretary-treasurer of Antique Farms, Inc.; Clifford Johnson, vice-president of Antique Acres, Inc.; Robert Fischels, board of directors; and John Sundermeyer, board of directors and farm manager of Antique Acres, Inc.

In this book 'The Face Of Rural America' in photographs, it tries to tell the life of America as it is today. In the section of Special Events, it depicts such activities as Fairs, Tractor pulls, Rodeo's, & etc., thus I must say I was most honored to see our consecutive CASE 50's pictured on page 130 to represent the many Steam & Antique Farm Machinery Shows across the whole United States.