| July/August 1980

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In the fall of 1978, members of the Mid-State Tractor Club of Illinois gathered together for a meeting to form a museum for antique farm machinery.

The museum was named in honor of a life-time resident of Christian County, Paul Sckowska. Official title of the museum was the Paublo Agricultural Museum.

Paublo is the name given to Sckowska by a brother-in-law, when he lived in Texas during the ages of 12 through 17.

Agricultural is used because of his love for farming the land and love for the country ways of life in general.

Museum is due to the fact that it is an institution devoted to the procurement, care and display of objects of lasting interest or value.

The museum is located 2 miles south of Blue Mound and mile south of Route 48. A building measuring 60 x 130' was built and donated to the association by Sckowska, along with four acres of land and its contents.