Steam Engines & Threshing Machines

| January/February 2003

New York Engines

Steve Davis, 654 Route 20, West Winfield, NY 13491 (e-mail:, writes in this issue with a plea for anyone having information on companies that operated in New York making agricultural steam engines. Steve writes:

For many years I have tried to see how many New York state-based makers of farm-type steam engines I could identify. Many years ago Iron-Men Album published my findings up to that time. I have found a few more since, and would like to see an updated list published. But before this occurs I would like to ask for assistance from readers it is inevitable that others have pictures or information of which I am unaware.

The bulk of production in New York was by a small number of firms, such as Buffalo-Pitts, S.W. Wood and Westinghouse. But many engines were produced by very small concerns. When I first began my research I intended to include stationary engines, but I soon realized that made it a much larger subject than I was prepared to tackle. I would like to see someone tackle that and would be more than happy to assist.

If anyone has any information (ads, pictures) or leads I would welcome any type of assistance.

Steam-Powered Press

Don F. Gilbert, 21230 Shady Grove Road, Siloam Springs, AR 72761, (479) 524-9883 (e-mail: 74617,, is looking for help locating a period steam engine to run a printing press. Don writes:

We are developing a Historic Adventist Village in Battle Creek, Mich., and within this village we will locate a reconstruction of the first steam-powered press in the state of Michigan. We have secured a single-cylinder roller press that dates to that time. The original press was an Adams Press, but we have not been able to find an Adams of that vintage.