| March/April 2004

Show Season

Try as we might, we never find time to hit all the shows we'd like to see. Fortunately, plenty of you are out there taking in shows and then kindly sharing your experiences with the rest of the steam community.

Regular contributor Kevin Small, P.O. Box 92, 1279 Perry Highway, Portersville, PA 16051, managed to get around a bit last year, and this issue he sends in a few photos documenting his experiences. Kevin writes:
Enclosed are several photographs from the 2003 show season. Photo #1 was taken at the National Threshers Association (NTA) Rumely Expo held at Wauseon, Ohio, June 26-29. On the left is Dennis Rupert's 25 HP 1912 Rumely and on the right is the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers 36 HP 1912 Rumely. Both are double-cylinders.

Small Photo #5: Wes Roberts engineers Gil Roberts' 25 HP Gaar-Scott at the 2003 Steam and Gas Pasture Party in Somerset, Va.

Photo #2, which was also taken at NTA, is a 35 HP Advance tandem-compound owned by Graham Sellers of Coldwater, Mich. This engine used the same boiler as the 40 HP cross-compound engine.

Photo #3 was taken at the Doughty Valley Power Show at Millersburg, Ohio, and shows a very nice 23-90 Baker Uniflow owned by Jonas Stutzman of Middlefield, Ohio, belted up to John McDowell's power eater (not visible in photo).

Photo #4 shows Jim and Marylin Malz's 20th Century steam traction engine loaded up on one of W.D. Kerr Trucking's lowboys pulled by Jim Lewandowski's Freightliner after the Northwest Pennsylvania Steam Engine and Old Equipment Association's summer show at Portersville, Pa. Jim has hauled hundreds of steam engines, tractors and machinery for engine clubs across Pennsylvania.