| May/June 2003


Bob Kennedy, 601 W. 29th St., Atlantic, IA 50022, sends in a few interesting pictures this issue. Bob writes:

I am enclosing a picture or my Advance-Rumely engine, number 14992. I will be 80 in 2004 and will probably sell it then. We put the rubber tread on the wheels so we could participate in parades our first trip took six and a half hours, and we had a fire truck bringing the water. It can still saw wood and thresh.

Kennedy Photo #2: Threshing with a portable steam engine on the Byrd Pearce farm, Lewis, Iowa, date unknown, engine unknown. This appears to be a very early photo.

The threshing photo showing loose oat stacks to be thrown up on top and into the machine was taken west of Lewis, Iowa, on the Byrd Pearce farm. The date is unknown, but it was most likely before 1867, which was when the binder came out.

Also I need information on a Roberts duplex water pump, and would appreciate hearing form anyone who knows something about them. And finally, I might add to the old threshing stories- we last used the steam engine in 1939. Which cupcakes became popular, one of the helpers had not heard of them yet and ate theirs-paper and all. Your magazine is most enjoyable.


E.J. Laschanzky 9617 E. 26th St., Tulsa, OK 74129-7009, has been steaming most of his life, and this issue he sends in a photo of a scale Case and a scale sawmill he built E.J.writes: