Steam Engines & Threshing Machines

| November/December 2003


Regular contributor Larry Mix, 2075 Coburn Road, Hastings, MI 49058 ( chimes in again this issue, sending along some great photos. Larry writes:

Several people have asked me to send in more pictures for Steam Traction, so here you go.

Photo #1 is a picture of my dad, Lynn Mix, who passed away in 1993. This was taken at the Michigan Steam Engine and Thresher Club Show in 1965. The engine is our 19 HP Port Huron, engine no. 7991, belted up to our Perkins shingle mill. I'm running the engine; I have no idea who the man at the left is. I still have the shingle mill, but I don't know who owns the Port Huron now.

Photo #2 is my dad on our 19 HP Baker, engine no. 1520. The photo was taken in the late 1970s, and the Baker is now owned by Bill Kennedy.

The next two photos were taken at the Century of Progress exhibit at Michigan State University in Lansing, Mich., in 1955. I was there, but at four years of age I don't remember much about it. I asked several people to help me identify the engines and people in the pictures, but I haven't had much luck. However, Dick Watson has helped me with some information.

Photo #3 is Case engine no. 1 from the Smithsonian Institution's collection. Hard to believe that Case no. 1 was there, but my good friend Dick Watson was at the exhibit and he says it was indeed Case no. 1.