Past and Present


| January 2005


Reader David Bridge, 909 W. Center St., Sandwich, IL 60548, freely admits to a long love affair with steam. That's a good thing for the rest of us, as Dave clears up a point of identification and shares some great photographs. Dave writes:

The steam bug bit me at an early age, and my love for steam continues today with the help of your great magazine. I am writing to clarify a man's name, the late Homer G. Dickson.

In the September/October 2004 issue, I was fascinated by John Ross' Pontiac show memories. I was reading the article about some engines well known to me, and although I noticed the Dickson name was spelled incorrectly as "Dickenson," it had no influence on me as I was fascinated by the photo of the 1893 12 HP Case engine owned by Homer. What a beautiful engine!

In regards to the 65 HP Case mentioned in John's article, I was compelled to send photos of this engine. However, time went by and the November/December issue came out, and yet another mention of Homer G. Dickson, correcting the misspelling from the first article. But the correction was incorrect. Homer's name was misspelled in this article, too, as Dixon. So, to set the record straight, it is Homer G. Dickson.

Photos #1 and #2 were taken in 1971, and show my brother Ken and me on the back of Homer's 65 HP 1922 Case. Note that Homer's name is on the canopy. My grandfather Leander Carlson took this photo.

Photo #3 was taken in May 2004. Homer's 1922 Case is now located at the Kendall County Historical Society Lyons Farm at Rt. 71 and Van Emmon Road in Yorkville, Ill. The historical society had its first annual Tractor and Engine Show May 22-24, 2004. Note that Homer's name can still be seen on the canopy.