Past and Present


| May 2005


Randy E. Schwerin, 3040 160th, Sumner, IA 50674; (563) 578-5242, has been promising to send in some photos of Nichols & Shepard engines, which he has faithfully done. Randy writes:

Well, I am finally getting around to sending photos of the Nichols & Shepard engines. The photos were taken in August 2004, at the Antique Acres Old Time Power Show, Cedar Falls, Iowa. The engines in the photo below are as follows, from left: 1923 16-60 double-cylinder, rear-mount, serial no. 14007, owned by Randy E. Schwerin, Sumner, Iowa; 1916 2070 double-cylinder, rear-mount, serial no. 13373, owned by Adam Robinson, Mechanicsville, Iowa; 1910 25-85 single-cylinder, side-mount, serial no. 11212, owned by Adam Robinson; 1915 25-85 single-cylinder, side-mount, serial no. 13007, owned by Leon Koob, Janesville, Iowa; 1918 16-50 single-cylinder, side-mount, serial no. 13796, owned by Leon Koob; 1893 10 HP, single-cylinder, side-mount, serial no. 4632, owned by Randy E. Schwerin. Also pictured in the photo, from left are Adam, Leon and Randy.

The three of us had a most enjoyable time getting these fine old engines together. They got a workout at the show doing a variety of jobs ranging from plowing to sawing, threshing, clover hulling, corn shredding as well as steaming sweet corn, and pulling on the Dyno and Baker fans.


A letter on page 17 of the January/February 2005 issue of Steam Traction refered to the "late George Hedke." Several readers contacted us to inform us that George was very much alive, and that his name is spelled "Hedtke."

Unfortunately, George has since passed along, as noted by Mark Corson on page 24. Our apologies and condolensces to the Hedtke family.


Dave Wachter, 1787 S. Gunn, Holt, MI 48842, attended the Rynda auction held May 7-8, 2004, and he didn't walk away empty handed. Dave writes: