Past and Present


| September 2005


Regular contributor John Ross, P.O. Box 751, Hebron, IN 46341 is back again, gracing us with yet more of his great memories of early steam and threshing shows. This time he shares show photos from Illinois and Indiana. John writes:

Enclosed are some photos I took at different shows 20 to 25 years ago.

Photo #1 is the late Fay Orr's early Aultman & Taylor square radiator 30-60 at the Will County, Ill., show. Fay lived in Momence, Ill.

Photo #2 is of a Titan 30-60 owned by Ed Schmitgal of Tiskilwa, Ill. - just restored and running at its first show.

Photo #3 is of a late Aultman & Taylor 30-60 and a Flour City 40-70 behind the museum at LaCrosse, Ind., just after we got them both running. Later that afternoon we made a round with each tractor pulling a 10-bottom plow. That summer we took the 40-70 to Northern Indiana Power of the Past and onto Valparaiso, Ind., for our Labor Day show. The Flour City has both a forward and a reverse clutch, and is unique in the belt pulley can be run either way. Can you imagine the looks of the crowd on a Baker fan when you stop going one way and change the direction at will?

Photo #4 shows us starting the 40-70 with a late John Deere D at our Valparaiso show.