Past and Present


| July 2006


Joe Mix, 2075 Coburn Road, Hastings, MI 49058, fills in for his dad, Larry Mix, this time around and sends us some photos. Joe writes:

My dad had these photos laid out to mail, but he has been busy working on our engines. Anyway, I thought I would send them for him.

Photo #1: This photo was taken at Dave Kemler's Threshing Day in October 2005, Stanton, Mich. Our good friend James Russell of Oblong, Ill., is operating Dave's 20 HP Advance. I'm standing next to the engine. Photo #2 is a side view of the 20 HP Advance and the separator. Photo #3 is my dad operating Dave's 20 HP Advance on the separator. Photo #4: Kevin Hayslett's Keck-Gonnerman taking its turn on the separator at Dave Kemler's Threshing Day, October 2005. Kevin just got this engine back together the night before, he did a real nice job.

Photo #5: Here I am operating Dave's 16 HP Gaar-Scott. This is a real nice running engine.

Photo #6: We took this photo last year when we were in Missouri. It is a nice looking steam shovel, looks like it wouldn't take much to put it to work. This is the engine (Photo #7) in the steam shovel.


Bob Andren, 11995 Awhai Ranch Road, Ojai, CA 93023; (805) 525-2583 (e-mail:, visited South America. Bob writes: