Past and Present


| September 2007


Dave Brown, 50 Saddlemead Way N.E., Calgary, ALB Canada T3J 4J5; (403) 273-9081 (e-mail:, is seeking information on a threshing machine. Dave writes:

I am with the Saddle Ridge Community Assn. located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The photos are of a piece of equipment that sits in a field in our community. My research tells me the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Co. went out of business in 1929. I was wondering if any of your readers might be able to enlighten us as to what exactly the equipment would have been used for, and I am assuming the number on the plate represents a model number.


Larry G. Mix, 2075 Coburn Road, Hastings, MI 49058 (e-mail:, continues to keep us abreast on Dave Kemler's Threshing Day held on his farm near Stanton, Mich. Larry writes:

Here are some photos I took at Dave Kemler's Threshing Day in November 2006.

Photo #1: This is Dave Kemler's 21 HP Port Huron on the separator. We were threshing oats. Photo #2 is Dave's 30 HP Advance on the separator, which had plenty of power. Photo #3 shows the gang that was present for the threshing day.

Photos #4 and #5: I took these photos of Dave's 16 HP Advance straw burner. Dave painted it himself and I think he did a fantastic job. Dave is quite the artist, as you can see. I'm lucky if I can print my name so you can read it!